Corrections Policy

As mentioned in our fact-checking policy, Gamerampage strives to produce the highest quality coverage for gaming guides, news, and everything related to the gaming and gamers worlds.

While we employ rigorous fact-checking processes to ensure the accuracy of our content, mistakes can still happen.

In the event that an error is discovered in our published content, we will take prompt action to correct it.

This includes updating the content to reflect accurate and relevant information, adding a correction notice to the article, and communicating the correction to our readers.

Our corrections policy is as follows:

  • We will correct factual errors and update articles as soon as possible after they are brought to our attention.
  • We will add a correction notice to the article clearly indicating the correction and the date it was made.
  • We will archive the article’s original version and the correction notice.
  • We will communicate the correction to our readers through our social media channels, newsletter, or other appropriate means.

Our commitment to accuracy and transparency is serious. We value our readers’ trust and will always strive to uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity.

For corrections or update requests, please get in touch with or shoot us a DM @Gamerampage.